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Agenda 11th - 13th November 2021

*All times are in Bangkok time zone (GMT+7)*

11 November 2021

12 November 2021


Glen Kayll (USA)

Hemp Plastics - the next biggest

thing in cannabis hemp industry


Morris Johnson (Canada)

Broad Industry-wide paradigm shift

progress during 2021 and benchmarks, milestones and goals for 2022


Srinivasa Reddy (Canada)

The Therapeutic Potential of

Cannabinoids on Health System


Priscilla C. Agoncillo (USA)

Women & Cannabis: Sexual

Health & Plant Medicine


Tracy Ryan (USA)

Saving Sophie: One Mom's Journey

to Find a Cure Using Cannabis and

Cell Therapy


Jimmy Sadegi (USA)

BACK TO THE FUTURE with Cannabis Genetics


Johan Mohamad (Malaysia)

Paving the way for Industrial Cannabis

- An Exemplary paradigm on iHemp & UNSDGs 2030


Mr. Wilson Chai (Malaysia)

HEMP City -Paradise in the Making


Ramon Granados (Australia)

Project Management Process for

Large Scale Hemp Projects


Adam Shuster (Israel)

(1) Agro systems of growth A.outdoor

B.Greenhouse. C.Indoor

(2) Soil medium and open field nutrients,

by a 30 year experienced Agronomist

(3) Special airflow systems bio bacteria to

protect your indoor and greenhouse growth,

increase of yield of cannabis by 20%!

Patented system


Yosi Sherman (Israel)

Medicinal Cannabis Security

and Regulation


Ricardo J. Fortmann (Spain)

Microencapsulated Phytocannabinoids,

Its Groundbreaking delivery method

which translates in a very high



Nick Tulloch (UK)

The Outlook for the CBD Market


Sergiy Kovalenkov (Ukraine)

Innovative use of hemp in

sustainable construction industry

13 November 2021


Marcus Ramkissoon (Trinidad and Tobago)

International Cannabis – A Regulatory and Business Update


Dale Sky Jones (USA)

International trade, laws and regulations,

and the global investment market


Bob Hoban (USA)

The Global Cannabis Supply Chain


Dustin Robinson (USA)

U.S. Cannabis Legal Frameworks


Michael Patterson (USA)

Investing in International Medical

Cannabis and Hemp Companies


Dr. Thomas E. Fernandez (Germany)

Customs Regulations for Cannabis

and Cannabis Products


Mischa Ko (USA)

International Cultivation: Cannabis

and the Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs)


Cheryl Shuman (USA)

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and his

revolutionary cannabis research


Robert W.E. Laurie (Canada)

Psychedelic Decriminalization

And Its Impact on Policy Reform


Felix Mago (Germany)

Tokenize everything – how to build

secondary markets in the cannabis



Albert Tió (Catalonia)

A new strategy for cannabis law

reform in Spain, Europe and the

world: Green Light


Farid Ghehioueche (France)

Cannabis, as the tool to achieve

SDG before 2030


Henri Sant-Cassia (UK)

Why the most sophisticated cannabis investors and forward-thinking CEOs

are backing the psychedelic medicine revolution


Stephen Oliver (UK)

A Regulatory overview of the

EU and UK for both the CBD

market and Medicinal Cannabis


Dr. Sandra Carrillo (Panama/Colombia)

Medical Cannabis Scientific Evidence, Clinicians Perspective


Dr. Joseph Rosado (USA)

Confessions of a Medical Cannabis

Physician—How I Managed My First

COVID-19 Patient


Dr. Uma Dhanabalan (USA)

The past, the present, and the future


Dr. Mark Braunstein (USA)

Cannabinoid Assisted Psychotherapy

for Mental Health Disorders


Dr. Thavatchai Kamoltham (Thailand) 

Information on vision and strategy

as a young national guru about cannabis


Dr. Jintana Manorompatrasal (Thailand)

Sharing Clinical expertise in Thailand's medical cannabis treatment

(10,000 cases)


Dr. Anuvat Roongpisuthipong (Thailand)

Cannabis as potential treatments for



Dr. Bertrand Canavy (France)

Cannabidiol as a potential anticancer



Dr. Andrew Agius (Malta)

The use of minor cannabinoids in the management of chronic pain


Dr. Vasko Dinev (North Macedonia)

Evidence-based medicine,

GCP, GMP, etc.









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